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I am trying to debug a meteor application at server side.

I created an environment variable export NODE_OPTIONS='--debug'.

I run meteor (version command. It tells the debugger listening on port 5858.

I start node-inspector (version v0.7.0-2) and point to, but I can see only a couple of strings, Source, Console and a prompt > where I cannot write anything.

I have this error in the console: “The connection to ws//… was interrupted while the page was loading”.

The same if I use I can see something more of the debugger on the right panel, as Watch expression, Call stack, but the Source list is still empty.

Node-inspector should be listening, because if I stop meteor says that the remote debugging has been terminated. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

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have a look at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/meteor-talk/EG8pe7pF3f8

Just want to share some of my experience on using node-inspector to debug server side codes: 1. When you run Meteor, it will spawn two processes on Linux machine (Note: I have not checked this on Windows or Mac machine)

 process1: /usr/lib/meteor/bin/node /usr/lib/meteor/app/meteor/


 process2: /usr/lib/meteor/bin/node /home/paul/codes/bbtest_code/

bbtest02/.meteor/local/build/main.js --keepalive

  1. You need to send kill -s USR1 on process2

  2. Run node-inspector and you can see your server code

On my first try, I modify the last line on meteor startup script in / usr/lib/meteor/bin/meteor to

exec "$DEV_BUNDLE/bin/node" $NODE_DEBUG "$METEOR" "$@"

and run NODE_DEBUG=--debug meteor on command prompt. This only put -- debug flag on process1 so I only see meteor files on node-inspector and could not find my code. Any suggestion on how to modify the script so we can use "--debug" flag on the meteor script? Cheers, Paul

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I installed Google Chrome on ubuntu and I now can see the source code and set breakpoints. Unfortunately the new version of Node Inspector not stopping at break point shttps://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/1411. Anyone solved it? –  Stefano Feb 11 at 20:42

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