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After watching intro to sails.js, I realize that he can create/update a record using a simple GET request with parameters on its url, but what I know is you have to use specific method for specific action, e.g. use POST to create a new record. Is that the correct way to do rest?

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The sails.js video is teaching something that is not RESTful. Use the proper HTTP verbs:

  • POST /resources with body: Create new resource under collection, ID is generated by the server.
  • PUT /resources/{id} with body: Create new resource with ID supplied by the client
  • GET /resources: Get a list of all resources
  • GET /resources/{id}: Get one resource
  • DELETE /resources/{id): Delete one resource
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The REST conventions are somewhat disputed, however most people use the rails style for their urls. Here is an example:


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URLs are not related to HTTP verbs. –  Lutz Horn Feb 8 '14 at 10:56

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