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In html there is <div id="tableContainer">and to it I appended dynamically created a table

table = $("<table id="myTable" class='helpTable'>");
table.append("<tr id='1'><td>content<td></tr>");code
table.append("<tr id='2'><td>content<td></tr>"); code

Now I want to add event on table row like

 $("#myTable tr").on('click',function(event) {
alert("Hi"); });

Its not working, however following is case is working

$("#tableContainer").on('click',function(event) {
alert("Hi"); });

i.e. I can have event on static html tag

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You need to use event delegation as the table and the tr elements are created dynamically

$("#tableContainer").on('click', '#myTable tr', function (event) {
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Thanks Arun, actually 'click','#myTable tr' didn't worked, but 'click','tr' is working –  Sandy Feb 8 at 8:52
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Here is final solution using delegation

$("#tableContainer").on('click', 'tr', function (event) { alert("Hi");});

Its delegation from parent element to child.

Jquery is shorthand for Javascript, delegation for dynamic elements is not looking shorthand.

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