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I am facing an issue while passing a LinkedHashMap from one Activity to another. I referred all the related post by none of them could solve my problem. Please help me out.

Activity 1:

Intent mapIntent = new Intent(this,GMap.class);
LinkedHashMap<TravelMode, String> polyPoints=(LinkedHashMap<TravelMode, String>) gData.values().toArray()[0];
mapIntent.putExtra(EXTRA_MESSAGE, polyPoints);

Activity 2:

LinkedHashMap<Object,String>polypoint = (LinkedHashMap<Object, String>)poly.getSerializableExtra(EXTRA_MESSAGE);

This is the error I m getting while doing this operation.


 ClassCastException: Cannot cast java.util.HashMap (id=830032266720) to java.util.LinkedHashMap          

Class TravelMode:

  class TravelMode implements Serializable{
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    public String travelMode;

     * @return the travelMode
    public String getTravelMode() {
        return travelMode;

     * @param travelMode the travelMode to set
    public void setTravelMode(String travelMode) {
        this.travelMode = travelMode;

    public TravelMode(String travelMode) {
        this.travelMode = travelMode;

I tried all the possibilities of retrieving like this one below, But still I getting the same error :(

HashMap<?,?>hashPoly= (HashMap<?, ?>)poly.getSerializableExtra(EXTRA_MESSAGE);
LinkedHashMap<TravelMode, String> polypoint= ((LinkedHashMap<TravelMode, String>)hashPoly);
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You can't directly cast from a HashMap to a LinkedHashMap. You should be able to do this instead:

LinkedHashMap<Object,String>polypoint = new LinkedHashMap<Object, String>();

and then add the previous HashMap with putAll:

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Thanks. It solves the problem. But now the order is getting changed. But I want to retain the order in which the list is sent and that's the reason Y I was using linkedHashMap. But now in the second activity the order is changed. –  user3162668 Feb 8 at 11:08
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