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I noticed something weird , for the textbox there are some events that just appear in the code, but in the design(when I open properties , and click on the events tab) these events are not visible !

for example :

textbox1.LostFocus += textbox1.LostFocus;

or the GotFocus event .

Anybody has an idea regard this ??

thanx in advance

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it is because some events not Browsable

if you check the documentation you will see [BrowsableAttribute(false)] for the events like GotFocus

if BrowsableAttribute false then that event not displayed in a Properties window.

Note The GotFocus and LostFocus events are low-level focus events that are tied to the WM_KILLFOCUS and WM_SETFOCUS Windows messages. Typically, the GotFocus and LostFocus events are only used when updating UICues or when writing custom controls. Instead the Enter and Leave events should be used for all controls except the Form class, which uses the Activated and Deactivate events.

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I know that but the question is why ???? –  Karam Najjar Feb 8 '14 at 13:58
@KaramNajjar read the documentation of BrowsableAttribute: Specifies whether a property or event should be displayed in a Properties window. –  Selman22 Feb 8 '14 at 14:00

In which method / function do you register (+= ) that events? Only the events registered in the InitializeComponent (DesignerCode) / constructor code, are considered by the Designer.

Edit: In that case, Damith is right with Browsable(false).

My answer would be valid if you see the event in the Designer, but not the linked event handler method.

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