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I want to create a pandas dataframe with default values of zero, but one column of integers and the other of floats. I am able to create a numpy array with the correct types, see the values variable below. However, when I pass that into the dataframe constructor, it only returns NaN values (see df below). I have include the untyped code that returns an array of floats(see df2)

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

values = np.zeros((2,3), dtype='int32,float32')
index = ['x', 'y']
columns = ['a','b','c']

df = pd.DataFrame(data=values, index=index, columns=columns)

values2 = np.zeros((2,3))
df2 = pd.DataFrame(data=values2, index=index, columns=columns)

Any suggestions on how to construct the dataframe?

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Use pd.DataFrame.from_records:

In [102]: values = np.zeros(2, dtype='int32, float32, float32')

In [103]: index = ['x', 'y']

In [104]: columns = ['a','b','c']

In [105]: df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(values, index=index, columns=columns)

In [106]: df
   f0  f1  f2
x   0   0   0
y   0   0   0

[2 rows x 3 columns]

In [107]: df.dtypes
f0      int32
f1    float32
f2    float32
dtype: object
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