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How to add images into Adobe Flex RichTextEditor control? I mean using a button =)

So we have some text editor with RTE a-la editor screenshot

We want to get into its content images using some button. How to do such thing?

BTW: I found this http://anotherflava.com/2009/01/12/flex-xhtml-rich-text-editor-w-images/ but I really do not understand how to make it work so if any one can publish simple project with simple (DIRTY IS OK) source it would be grate!)))

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RichTextEditor is a complex component which consist of few small components and TextArea. So the problem is how to insert image in TextArea.

TextArea can render simple HTML and <img> tag is supported. More about htmlText property here.


var myTextEditor:RichTextEditor = new RichTextEditor();
myTextEditor.htmlText = "<img src='myImage.jpg' />"
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