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I'm trying to setup doctrine in my project and whenever I call on a class, e.g.

$dealer = Doctrine_Core::getTable( 'Dealers' ).find(1);

Then I get Fatal Error: Class BaseSchools not found.

I know those files exist, since I did Doctrine_Core::generateModelsFromDb and I can see them

Somehow my paths to my models/generated folder aren't being told to my Dealers class.

In my bootstrap.php file I have:

Doctrine::loadModels( array( WWWROOT_PATH . 'models/generated', WWWROOT_PATH . 'models') );

I don't get any errors, if I change the path to the wrong path, it throws an error so I'm assuming that i'm doing it correctly.

Anyway any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Ended up being that I didn't have this autoloader: spl_autoload_register( array('Doctrine', 'modelsAutoload' ) ); –  Mark Steudel Feb 5 '10 at 16:52
You should create an answer below with the solution and accept it. –  BenV Nov 3 '10 at 17:39

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It ended up being that I didn't include this line in my boostrap file:

spl_autoload_register( array('Doctrine', 'autoload' ) );
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