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AS3 & Pepper Flash (default plugin in chrome) only problem.

UI dont show real situation:

  1. Screen before action. No dimmer, No window: http://joxi.ru/0W72Uv3JTJBseXe8VjA
  2. Screen after action with problem. There is only dimmer, no window: http://joxi.ru/XG_2Uv3JTJCgeenfQYE
  3. Screen after action as will be. There is dimmer, there is window: http://joxi.ru/w2_2UhjKTJD-XGbnKLU

Important factor: after click other browser tab, or click without browser window appears!

Handler for action:

private function _openRotateWindow():void
        if (!_rotateWindow)
            _rotateWindow = new RotateWindow();
            _rotateWindow.rotate = this;
            _rotateWindow.addEventListener(CloseEvent.CLOSE, _closeRotateWindow);

        PopUpManager.addPopUp(_rotateWindow, _viewer, true);

Earlier I faced such problem and fixed this via new frame (ENTER_FRAME), but here is not work. Please, help me!

Sory for me poor English language

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