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I have been attempting to create an animated GIF avatar for a forums account. Said forums have a 100Kb limit on the size of an avatar image, and I hit a strange issue with hosting the GIF file on the free image host imurg.com. They seem to process the file somehow, and add about 30Kb of bloat in the process. An image uploaded to their service is somehow gaining weight, and I'd like to know what it is that they're doing to it.

I tried comparing an uploaded file and an original GIF file with VBinDiff, but the only thing I got out of that is that the uploaded GIF says "NETSCAPE 2.0" at the header. The rest is binary, and I can't tell heads or tails about what the changes between the two files are.

I'd post example files, but the nature of the problem makes it kinda hard. I don't have hosting capability myself, and uploading GIF files to free hosts seems to, obviously, have issues. So to research this thing, you'd have to upload one, and see the changes yourself.

I know this whole question is kind of a long shot, but I'd really like to know what's going on here. If there are any GIF file format experts with free time on their hands out there, I thought stackoverflow would be the place. If you solve this, I promise to praise you highly.

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