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I have a text file which have lots of lines. I want to extract all the numbers from that file. File contains text and number and each line contains only one number. How can i do it using sed or awk in bash script?

i tried

#! /bin/bash
sed 's/\([0-9.0-9]*\).*/\1/' <myfile.txt >output.txt

but this didn't worked.

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grep can handle this:

grep -Eo '[0-9\.]+' myfile.txt 

-o tells to print only the matches and [0-9\.]+ is a regular expression to match numbers.

To put all numbers on one line and save them in output.txt:

echo $(grep -Eo '[0-9\.]+' myfile.txt) >output.txt

Text files should normally end with a newline characters. The use of echo above assures that this happens.

Non-GNU grep:

If your grep does not support the -o flag, try:

echo $(tr ' ' '\n' <myfile.txt | grep -E '[0-9\.]+') >output.txt

This uses tr to replace all spaces with newlines (so each number appears separately on a line) and then uses grep to search for numbers.

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i am putting output in out.txt by >. but this is keeping output in different lines. I want to keep all output in same line with a space –  user2897690 Feb 8 at 20:12
tr -sc '0-9.' ' ' "$file"

Will transform every string of non-digit-or-period characters into a single space.

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This is good, but leaves the text. I think the desired approach is: tr -dc '[:digit:]\n' or tr -dc '0-9\n' –  William Pursell Feb 9 at 9:40
@WilliamPursell What do you mean by leaves the text? OP said (in his comment to John1024's answer) he wants all output on a single line. –  kojiro Feb 9 at 13:28
I misunderstood your solution, which is brilliant. I should have actually executed it first! If I could upvote again I would. –  William Pursell Feb 9 at 14:52

You can also use Bash:

while read line; do
    if [[ $line =~ [0-9\.]+ ]]; then
        echo $BASH_REMATCH
done <myfile.txt >output.txt
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