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I am trying to build a simple batch file that will back up a document based on whether or not the archive flag has been set, however I am not sure how to check whether the archive flag has been set or not. This is what I have so far, but I'm not sure of the attrib syntax (or if this is even the right command). The error I get with this version is that it is not expecting the %1 variable (the file name) at this time.

@echo off

Rem **** Clears Screen ****

Rem **** Ensure backup directory exists ****
if exist C:\backup\nul echo Backup directory located
if not exist C:\backup\nul echo Creating backup directory
if not exist C:\backup\nul mkdir C:\backup

Rem **** Checks if it has already been copied with archive flag ****
if attrib %1 equ +a goto nocopy
if attrib %1 equ -a goto copy

Rem **** Do not copy ****
echo File has already been backed up

Rem **** Copies file ****
echo Copying %1
copy %1 C:\backup\%1
echo %1 backed up successfully!
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xcopy can handle the archive-attribute. See parameter /a or - even better - /m – Stephan Feb 9 '14 at 6:51
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To use %1 as the reference to the file, you should pass it to batch file,

backupbatch.cmd miFileToCopy.txt

In the batch file, remember to check if you have a file name passed

if "%~1"=="" exit /b

Then to check for archive flag

set "fileAttribs=%~a1"
if "%fileAttribs:~2,1%"=="a" (
    echo flag is set 
) else (
    echo flag is not set

%~a1 is the attribute list of the file referenced in %1. The third position in the list of attributes is the archive flag. Test it (first position in batch string is 0) for the a value to see if the flag is set.

Or find command can be used to test for the presence of the flag.

echo %~a1 | find "a" >nul && goto doCopy || goto noCopy
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