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I need to use imagemagick's convert in a php script, so I enabled exec.

Now I don't feel safe to let exec enabled and I'd like to limit it only for "convert" command.

Is there a way to do it? Thanks a lot

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You cannot limit PHP exec function's commands to be executed. Also even if you do some string checking for exec to have "convert" command, I'll be able to execute my command like this:

"convert img.jpg img.png ; id ; ls -al ; wget ....."

So it's not a solution.


a) Don't enable exec, just use ImageMagick PHP extension: It's like command, but it's PHP extension. You can do everything you do with command line with ImageMagick PHP extension.

b) Set file permissions properly, do not allow new file uploads via web (at least PHP files), set proper permission for file and folders, check your codes for SQL injection, file inclusion attacks, etc. So you'll have a secure server, now if your server is secure, you can enable exec.

c) Write your own PHP extension which will get parameters of convert command and will run it, then use it in your code.

Overall, you can't restrict execution of command, hacker will be able to run other commands also.

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