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I set up a loopback adapter on my Win7 PC so that I could bind to it with Netty. The thing is I assigned the Loopback address an IP address of /24 (which is required). But when I try to bind through Netty it instead binds to the address - known as the default localhost IP. So I'm just wondering how I can work around this? I need it SPECIFICALLY to bind to the Loopback adapter with IP address and port 162.

Pictures related:

NetUtil  - Loopback interface: Software Loopback Interface 1
NetUtil  - Loopback address: / (primary) <--- the problem
NetUtil  - Loopback address: /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1

Code related:

public class SnmpServer {

private final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("SnmpServer");
//private final static String SNMP_HOST_IP = "";
private static final byte[] SNMP_HOST_ADDR = {(byte)172, (byte)16, (byte)1, (byte)1};
private final static int SNMP_TRAP_PORT = 162;

final ServerBootstrap snmpBootstrap;

public SnmpServer() {
    snmpBootstrap = new ServerBootstrap();

public void bind() throws Exception {
    final EventLoopGroup bossGroup = new NioEventLoopGroup();
    final EventLoopGroup workerGroup = new NioEventLoopGroup();
    final SocketAddress socket =
            new InetSocketAddress(InetAddress.getByAddress(SNMP_HOST_ADDR), SNMP_TRAP_PORT);
    try {, workerGroup)
                .childHandler(new SnmpChannelHandler());

        final ChannelFuture future = snmpBootstrap.bind(socket).sync();
    } finally {

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The thing is that is the loopback address, and isn't. – EJP Feb 9 '14 at 0:43

The fix was that Netty was binding to all the addresses located in my HOSTS file. I simply navigated to that file and added the address for localhost in there and then called InetAddress.getByName("localhost").

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The NetUtil output has nothing todo to which it binds. It will bind to the InetSocketAddress you pass to the bind(...) method.

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