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In this CSS example, Vim highlights float and left with the same color.

   #rights {
     float: left;
     margin: 30px 0 0;

with the following definition:

hi Type   guifg=#eeeeee gui=none

(in this case both float and left will be light gray.

Is the a scheme definition that highlight CSS properties and non-numerical values in Vim with different colors (only numbers are highlighted with different colors)?

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The problem is that left is also a CSS keyword, and the syntax highlighting in vim is not smart enough to distinguish when "left" is being used as a literal value vs. as the name of a property.


#rights {
    float: left;
    left: 210px;

It's possible that some of the color ordering could be changed around in the syntax file to make value color take priority over keyword color, but I doubt it. I've never seen a vim scheme that does that. I would just try to ignore it :)

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