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Some commands that I run using shell_exec, exec, system, passthru does not work when I run the .php file inside the browsers.

Actually if I execute shell commands/progs there are no problems but if I try to run some progs it doesn't work:

system("sleep 5 && fswebcam -r 640x480 --jpeg 100 -D 5 -S 12 fswebcam.jpg");

shell_exec("sleep 5 && fswebcam -r 640x480 --jpeg 100 -D 5 -S 12 fswebcam.jpg");

exec("sleep 5 && fswebcam -r 640x480 --jpeg 100 -D 5 -S 12 fswebcam.jpg");

passthru("sleep 5 && fswebcam -r 640x480 --jpeg 100 -D 5 -S 12 fswebcam.jpg");

The sleep command works but the fswebcam doesn't. If I try, for example, with mplayer it runs too. Why?

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You should probably put the sleep in your PHP. And include the full and complete path to whereever the fswebcam binary lives... and the full and complete path to where you want the captured image to live. Also, look up proc_open, which will let you capture stderr, which may contain the error messages you're possibly missing... –  Charles Feb 8 at 22:33
Plus does the user executing the commands in PHP have the permissions necessary to do so? –  Jacob Budin Feb 8 at 22:35
Ooh, good one @Jacob. Mint is based on Ubuntu, so it's probably using AppArmor, a security restriction layer that might be correctly preventing the binary from being called or might be preventing it from working correctly. You may need to check the server logs. –  Charles Feb 8 at 22:37
You can capture stderr with system/shell_exec/exec/passthru as well, just use &2>1 - use that to get error messages about what's wrong. –  eis Feb 8 at 22:37
Probably fswebcam command not found or some errors, use &2>1. –  mkjasinski Feb 8 at 23:35

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