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I am having some difficulty keeping all the popups open with leaflet.

I have the following code in the a loop to add markers to a LayerGroup (ajax auto-updating).

var marker = L.marker([, value.position.lon],options).addTo(markers);
allpoints.push([, value.position.lon]);

It works great, except it only keeps the last popup open. I would like to keep all of them open. I did find an article on here (stackoverflow) regarding doing so with different marker names, however I have this in a loop. I did try putting L.marker into an array, but leaflet did not like that.

Any ideas?

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You will need to override the openpopup method on the Leaflet Map, replacing it with a copy of this method, only comment out the line that calls this.closePopup();

On your page you would add

L.Map = L.Map.extend({
    openPopup: function (popup, latlng, options) { 
        if (!(popup instanceof L.Popup)) {
        var content = popup;

        popup = new L.Popup(options).setContent(content);

        if (latlng) {

        if (this.hasLayer(popup)) {
        return this;

        this._popup = popup;
        return this.addLayer(popup);        

You can find the original Leaflet openPopup method here:

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EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you. On a side note, I am having now a further issue where when I set all popups to open automatically, followed by map.fitBounds(), the map zooms off into a strange black/blank place and if I zoom out again I see the markers (but no popups). – laiello Feb 11 '14 at 22:14

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