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I want to convert something like this:

    <component id=""service1"" service=""WindsorTests.IService, MyAssembly""         type=""WindsorTests.Service1, MyAssembly""/>
    <component id=""service2"" service=""WindsorTests.IService, MyAssembly"" type=""WindsorTests.Service2, MyAssembly""/>
    <component id=""consumer"" type=""WindsorTests.Consumer, MyAssembly"">
                    <entry key=""one"">${service1}</entry>
                    <entry key=""two"">${service2}</entry>

Into code like this:


Anyone have any ideas how to do this.


I am trying to do something like what is described in this post, but without using XML: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/890287/windsor-castle-inject-dictionary-of-interfaces-via-configuration

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What does Consumer look like? I'm not quite sure I understand whether the services you would like to inject are a list, a params array, a dictionary or something else... –  Mark Seemann Jan 30 '10 at 9:55
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               .DynamicParameters((kernel, parameters) => 
                   parameters["services"] = new Dictionary<string, IService> {
                     {"one", kernel.Resolve<IService>("service1")},
                     {"two", kernel.Resolve<IService>("service2")},

See the fluent API wiki for reference.

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Worked great, I needed to upgrade to the newest version of Castle Windsor for this to work (DynamicParameters was not in the version I had). –  JasonRShaver Feb 3 '10 at 20:14
In addition, the fluent API version of the 'normal' register is: Container.Register(Component.For<IService>().ImplementedBy< WindsorTests.Service1 >().Named("service1")); –  JasonRShaver Feb 3 '10 at 20:15
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