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I am beginner with Neo4j Rest API. I am using Everyman php library to develop my application. I have problem with creating node with labels.

use Everyman\Neo4j\Client,
use Everyman\Neo4j\Cypher;

public function indexAction()
    $client = new Client('localhost', 7474);
    $user = new Node($client);
    $user->setProperty('name', 'Rohan Chingula');

while I run code I am getting

/var/www/zf2-tutorial/vendor/everyman/neo4jphp/lib/Everyman/Neo4j/Command/SetLabels.php:43 Message: Cannot set a non-label

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Try this:

$userLabel = $client->makeLabel('Users');

User::addLabels expects an array of Label objects.

Aside: if adding a bare string as a label is functionality you would like to see, please submit a feature request:

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Hey Josh Adell, In the above example , I am creating the node using $client = new Client('localhost', 7474); $user = new Node($client); This will not make a custom node. Such as actor, user, movie. I want to make user node , actor node ect (Custom node name not like 234, 34 ec etetra). How do i get this. Could you please give me example ?.; – arjun Feb 13 '14 at 1:46

I'm no PHP coder, but a quick look at the source suggests you should be passing an array of Label objects not strings. Your code is not using Everyman\Neo4j\Label

  $labelSet = implode(':', array_map(function ($label) {
    if (!($label instanceof Label)) {
        throw new InvalidArgumentException("Cannot set a non-label");
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I already included Everyman\Neo4j\Label in my code . But result is same. I don't know why this is happening to me . If you go to Everyman\Neo4j\Node.php then you will see addLabels function at line 116. So i think we don't need Everyman\Neo4j\Label . Mike could suggest me with example how could i resolve this. – arjun Feb 10 '14 at 2:20

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