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I've written up a variation of Melinda Green's mandelbrot visualization method. Here is the python script I've written to generate a single image. I'm making animations by "rotating" within the coefficient space of the complex function being used to generate the fractal.

This makes really nice movies, but the problem is that they take forever to generate (that one took 70 hours on my poor old machine). I'm looking for any way to speed up the process. I'm not attached to staying with Python. I've been looking into rewriting it in JRuby using some Java imaging libraries. Any suggestions on how to make it go faster are appreciated.

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This is a Buddhabrot, which takes ages to calculate (by design). If you are some adventurer, I'd suggest to try out the Julia language (julialang.org). It has specific optimization methods and if you write the program well (there are guidelines to aid you), it can reward you with astonishing speed. –  karatedog Feb 9 '14 at 12:09

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