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I wanna try this way of exporting data but toad won't recognize ORA_EXCEL as keyword any sugestion ??


    ORA_EXCEL.query_to_sheet('select * from employees');  

    ORA_EXCEL.query_to_sheet('select * from departments', FALSE);  

    ORA_EXCEL.query_to_sheet('select * from locations');  

    -- EXPORT_DIR is an Oracle directory with at least  
    -- write permission  
    ORA_EXCEL.save_to_file('EXPORT_DIR', 'example.xlsx');  

enter here is the original post of this way

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did you install ora_excel package first of all? –  be here now Feb 9 at 10:07
This package is not a standard Oracle package. Look here –  Egor Skriptunoff Feb 9 at 10:12
As Egor points out, ORA_EXCEL is a third party product, so it won't be recognised by a standard template. Oh, and it won't be called ORA_EXCEL for long: Oracle is incredibly jealous of its branding, and its lawyers come down on any third-party product with 'ORA' in the name. –  APC Feb 9 at 10:39
ummm okay thank u all i thought its free way.. anyway is there anyother free way to do it ?? please point me to some links –  useroo1oo Feb 9 at 11:40
I'm amazed someone's trying to sell that. There must be enough customers out there who don't bother looking at the free alternatives... –  Jeffrey Kemp Feb 10 at 3:46

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