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I am trying to figure out how to get divs that I want on the same line to stay there, rather than getting pushed below when the screen is resized.

For example, I have a sidebar and a main body on all the pages in my website that I will give a defined width. They will sit directly next to each other, with the same height.

Sidebar CSS

#sidebar {

    width: 380px;
    margin-left: 50px;
    float: left;    
    background: #cee7f7;
    padding: 1%;


Body CSS

.container {
     width: 1125px; 
     margin-right: 10%; 
     background: #fff; 
     padding: 1%;

You can see an example at www.dweeman.com/eb/sitetemplate.html (Ignore the bad design).

Basically what I want is for all my divs (logo, phone, sidebar, body, footer etc) to all remain in their respective positions regardless of the screen size, yet with defined sizes. Does this have something to do with the position property?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Also how would I best describe this for the title of my question?)

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You don't have media queries or viewport tag so it's because of the fluid structure. If you set the wrappers with static width and height, they'll stay in place when screen is resized. –  Nix Feb 9 at 12:41
Sorry I'm pretty new to HTML/CSS. What are media queries and viewport tags? And what are the wrappers I'm defining? –  dweeman Feb 9 at 12:46
Well you can google to learn about media queries and viewport tag, but that's irrelevant here. Fluid structure means width/height is set relative to the outer wrap (div or any other element, body tag in case there's no other outer wrap). For instance your header's width is set to 80%. You can either set that to static width or specify minimum width as LoneChaos stated. –  Nix Feb 9 at 12:48
Okay I think I am getting it now. If you check out the website now I've made it a lot neater and work better, but I'm still missing something that gets the sidebar and body on the same line. I feel like it's really obvious and I'm just missing it –  dweeman Feb 9 at 13:27
Do you want it this way? prntscr.com/2qx1pi For that, replace min-wdith with max-width and float it left. Then set replace min-wdith with max-width for container, set it to some other static value, keep it floating right. –  Nix Feb 9 at 13:41

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Try setting the min-width and min-height of the divs if you want them to stay a specific size regardless of the screen size.

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