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I am making an IOS 7 tweak and I desire to close all App processes that are currently running when this action is risen. I have already created the action and verified the action correctly functions. However now i cannot find any code to close all Apps that are Running.

Any help would be appreciated.


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@tanzolone Yes and No. Yes I want to close other apps. But No not through my application but through a Tweak –  user2874682 Feb 9 at 12:47

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I mean an App is not allowed to close other apps. Anyway, I've seen in the last 4 years to no code / solution.

I know the guidelines at Apple not by heart, but I think this forbid that So if you want to put the app in the App Store.

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That is correct if I was making an app or if I was making a product for the app store but I am not. I am making a tweak which is run on jailbroken devices –  user2874682 Feb 9 at 20:59

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