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I have a method that accepts path to folder and I want to get all the files names that have the extension '.yml' and add them into hash of pairs that look like this:

if the filename is saved_file_1.yml -> {saved_file_1 => "saved_file_1.yml"}

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Use Dir::glob method as below

Dir.glob("#{path}/*.yml").each_with_object({}) do |filename,hsh|
   hsh[File.basename(filename,'.yml')] = filename
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Thats exactly what I was looking for! –  user2128702 Feb 9 at 13:23

To get a list of matching files use Dir.glob to get the list of files in the directory and File.extname to get the name of the extensions

Dir.glob(path_to_folder).select { |file| File.extname(file) == ".yml" }

To convert them into a hash like you have in your question, use File.basename to get the names of the file without the extension, and Enumerable#each_with_object to create a hash object

Dir.glob(path_to_folder).each_with_object({}) { |file, hash| hash[File.basename(file, ".yml")] = file }
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hash = {}
Dir["#{path}/*.yml"].each { |f| hash[File.basename(f,'.yml')] = f }
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Look the example - File.basename("foo.yml",'.yml') # => "foo" ; File.basename("foo.yml") # => "foo.yml".. so your File.basename(f) wouldn't meet the OP's need. –  Arup Rakshit Feb 9 at 13:23
ah got it. updating the answer. –  emaillenin Feb 9 at 13:24

Another way:

Hash[(d = Dir["#{path}/*.yml"]).map { |f| File.basename(f,".yml") }.zip(d)]
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