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How does one draw a Rectangle around an Actor with a given Texture? The Rectangle should scale, move and rotate along with the Actor. Current implementation:

Vector2 _BL = localToStageCoordinates(new Vector2(getX(), getY()));
Vector2 _BR = localToStageCoordinates(new Vector2(getX() + getWidth(), getY()));
Vector2 _TL = localToStageCoordinates(new Vector2(getX(), getY() + getHeight()));
Vector2 _TR = localToStageCoordinates(new Vector2(getX() + getWidth(), getY() + getHeight()));
float xmin = MyMathUtils.min(_BL.x, _BR.x, _TL.x, _TR.x);
float ymin = MyMathUtils.min(_BL.y, _BR.y, _TL.y, _TR.y);
float xmax = MyMathUtils.max(_BL.x, _BR.x, _TL.x, _TR.x);
float ymax = MyMathUtils.max(_BL.y, _BR.y, _TL.y, _TR.y);
shapeRenderer.rect(xmin, ymin, xmax-xmin, ymax-ymin);
shapeRenderer.circle(_BL.x, _BL.y, 2);
shapeRenderer.circle(_BR.x, _BR.y, 2);
shapeRenderer.circle(_TL.x, _TL.y, 2);
shapeRenderer.circle(_TR.x, _TR.y, 2);

The problem is that Rectangle doesn't fit well after moving the Actor. I think it has to do with a bad Coordinate Transformation.

I would like to do something like this:

Matix4 m = actor.computeTransform();

but the computeTransform() is available in Group (which is an Actor), but not in Actor itself.

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Are you using Scene2D cause you are talking about Actors? If you are, you could use Group and add the 2 Actors (your Actor and the Rectangle, if the Rectangle has some functions to). Otherwise you could draw the Rectangle in the actor.draw(delta) method. There you have the position and size of your actor. –  Springrbua Feb 10 '14 at 7:02
Just to mention... Don't use the new Statement every frame. You create 4x60 new Vectors every second.. The GC will slow down your game by collecting the unused ones. –  BennX Feb 10 '14 at 8:09
Did you solve this problem? –  Springrbua Mar 3 '14 at 15:48

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