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I want create a semaphore counter, with this code:

union semun arg_assistant;
int max_ass = atoi(argv[1]);
printf("Num massimo di assistant %d\n", max_ass);
if ((sem_a = semget(IPC_PRIVATE, 1, 0600)) == -1) {
arg_assistant.val = max_ass;
if (semctl(sem_a, 0, SETALL, arg_assistant) == -1) {

When I executed my program, I have no errors but it hangs and it don't create this sem. Any suggestion about what could be the problem? Have I make some mistake with falgs? Thaks

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From documentation


Set semval for all semaphores of the set using arg.array,

For SETALL you need array of values

    unsigned short int  sem_array[1] ;
    sem_array[0] = max_ass;
    arg_assistant.array = sem_array;

    if (semctl(sem_a, 0, SETALL, arg_assistant) == -1) {

sem_array[1] becaues you create only one semaphore.

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Thank you, you were right, now it works! –  user3266496 Feb 9 '14 at 20:04

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