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I have an object on the stage - a sphere. Objects are located on a sphere (flat points). But they behave as a tangent to the circle and no hugs sphere. Is it possible to make so that they hugged the ball.

And 2 moment . On this sphere has coordinates. Objects (flat points) are located on the sphere on over coordinates. Whether it is possible in any way to stretch an object by coordinates. Ie create an irregular polygon whose edges correspond to the coordinates given to him?

Sorry for my Bad Bad Bad english)...

The code with which the points are located on a sphere:

var me = this;

    me.hotspotRegionArr = $('.region');
    var hostRegion;

        //calculate 3d coords based on lat, long and radius
        var _long = $(this).data('long');
        if(me.options.useWGS84){_long = _long * -1}
        var _lat = $(this).data('lat');

        var pos = me.translateGeoCoords(_lat, _long, me.options.globeRadius+me.options.hotspotOffset);

        me.hotRegionTexture = THREE.ImageUtils.loadTexture( $(this).attr('data-image') );
        me.hotRegionMaterial = new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial( {  map: me.hotRegionTexture, alphaTest: 0, transparent:true, ambient: 0xffffff, color: 0xffffff, specular: 0xffffff, shininess: me.options.globeShine} );

        var width = parseFloat($(this).attr('data-width'));
        var height = parseFloat($(this).attr('data-height')));
        var country = $(this).attr('data-dot-country');
        var type = $(this).attr('data-type');

        //hotspot planes
        hostRegion = new THREE.Mesh( new THREE.PlaneGeometry( width, height, me.hotRegionMaterial, country, type );

        // console.log(me.hotRegionMaterial.map.image.attributes[1]);

        hostRegion.doubleSided = true;
        hostRegion.scale.set(-1,1,-1); //account for lookAt
        hostRegion.position.x = pos.x;
        hostRegion.position.y = pos.y;
        hostRegion.position.z = pos.z;
        hostRegion.visible = false;
        hostRegion.region = true;

        hostRegion.name = i;
        // console.log(hostRegion);

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