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Unable to update data in the data base. The above is a request link.[{"_id":"52f7b875e4b0e615e67f0a41","like":"true"}]&apiKey=my_api_key

Got. 400 Bad Request error and message: "Update object is missing."

Or anyone can give an example to update mongodb via REST API in java would be very helpful. Thanks.

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It looks like you're missing the actual update spec, which should be the body of the PUT request. The MongoLab Data API docs include example of how to do that from jQuery, the key bits of which I've copied below for your convenience.

$.ajax( { url: '{"_id":1234}',
          data: JSON.stringify( { "$set" : { "x" : 3 } } ),
          type: "PUT",
          contentType: "application/json" } );

Note that the $set update operator is not part of the url, but the body (which you specify in jQuery using the data field).

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Thank Jared but I forgot to say that I am developing android app. I did set MethodRequest to PUT but it stills not work. – Feay Jarana Manotumruksa Feb 10 '14 at 10:11
The error is telling you you're missing the body, which in the case of a PUT is the update object. If you can post the code you're using along with which HTTP library and version it's calling, perhaps I can show you how to add a body to the request. An HTTP body is not part of the URL. The jsonbody in your URL is just a URL parameter and will be ignored by the MongoLab API. – jared Feb 11 '14 at 19:20

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