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I am using the CodeIgniter framework to build a site.

I currently have a view which prints all the unverified members into a table and also puts a button for each member which can be clicked to Verify that account.

Here is the code for the view

<h2>Admin Control Panel</h2>
 * First Output Members to be verified in tables

//check if there is actually any data to print first.
    echo ("<h3> Members to be Verified</h3>");
        echo "<h4>There are currently no members to be verified </h4>";


    echo "<table border='1'>";

    //print table headers
    echo <<<HTML
    <th><div align ="center">ID Number</div></th>
    <th><div align ="center">Username</div></th>
    <th><div align ="center">E-Mail Address</div></th>
    <th><div align ="center">Verify Account</div></th>


            //now print values
            echo<<< HTML
            <td><div align ="center">$current_member_id</div></td>
            <td><div align ="center">$current_username</div></td>
            <td><div align ="center">$current_email</div></td>
            <td><form action="Verify" method="post"><div align ="center"><input type="submit" value="Verify" /></div></form></td>

    echo "</table><br><br>";


I am trying to pass to my controller the user to be verified.

In the second heredoc I have this bit of code

<td><form action="Verify" method="post"><div align ="center"><input type="submit" value="Verify" /></div></form></td>

I want to for that user submit the member_id of that user and also a flag of some description which would mean that the user with that member_id needs to be verified.

So in essence

Print users needing verfication into table->click verify for particular user to be verified->pass to controller the user selected and a flag to indicate that user can be verified-> controller passes info to model-> model sets flag in the Database saying that user can be verified->model moves all users with that flag set to the verified_users table.

I can do all the controller/model bits myself. It's just getting the data from the view to the controller I am struggling with.

Any help would me much appreciated! If any of it makes sense!

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you just need a hidden form field to send the ID -- using your code

<td><form action="members/verify" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="memberid" value="<?php echo $current_member_id ?>" />
<div align ="center"><input type="submit" value="Verify" /></div>

in your controller you can then get the value of member id from the form like

$memberid = $this->input->post( 'memberid', TRUE ) ; 

important point -- note that for this example i wrote the form action as "members/verify" . that means it will go to a controller named members, and the method named verify.

when you have time check out codeigniters table class - it can really help

and the tutorial is a good reference for common tasks

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Thank you so much!!!!! – James-Reeder Feb 10 '14 at 17:55

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