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In my winsock application i call bind on some port. I am testing now, so application crashes very often and doesn't reach point where all sockets are closed. When I run application next time I get 10048 error on bind call.

Because of that i decided to go through tcp connection table and kill all processes (from my previous run, however i can't see them in task manager) that use my port. I tried GetTcpTable, GetTcpTable2, GetExtendedTcpTable, but none of them gives me what netstat -ano does. My port number and id is present in netstat -ano output, but not in tcp table retrieved by any of those functions.

How can I get programatically netstat -ano data. setsockopt with reusable address is not a way to go, because if I connect than accept of "lost process" will be called. Please help.

    addrinfo hints, *result;
    ZeroMemory(&hints, sizeof(hints));
    hints.ai_family = AF_INET;
    hints.ai_socktype = SOCK_STREAM;
    hints.ai_protocol = IPPROTO_TCP;

    //... get ip and so on

    getaddrinfo(ip, DEFAULT_PORT, &hints, &result);
    sock = socket(result->ai_family, result->ai_socktype, result->ai_protocol);
    bind(sock, result->ai_addr, (int)result->ai_addrlen);  // here is error 10048

Another process is already listening on DEFAULT_PORT ( that process is possibly still running from my previous program test, however i can't see it in task manager), that's why error 10048 is present.

Here is code to find this process:

void TerminateProcOnPort2(const char* port_str)
    int size = 0;
    if(ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER == GetTcpTable2(NULL, (ULONG*)&size, false))
        MIB_TCPTABLE2* pids = (MIB_TCPTABLE2*)malloc(size);
        if(NO_ERROR == GetTcpTable2(pids, (ULONG*)&size, false))
            MIB_TCPROW2* owner;
            UINT port = atoi(port_str);

            for(UINT i = 0; i < pids->dwNumEntries; ++i)
                owner = &pids->table[i];
                if(owner->dwLocalPort == port)
                    // now we can kill this process by id...
        else PrintError("GetTcpTable 2 error");
    else PrintError("GetTcpTable 1 error");

My port is not present in retrieved table, however netstat -ano sees it. Help.

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Without code we cannot tell what you've tried. –  David Heffernan Feb 9 at 21:16
Found this post where a C# application uses a wrapper over GetExtendedTcpTable to fetch information including PIDs. There is link below the article to download the interop wrapper code as well which shows the arguments being passed to GetExtendedTcpTable. timvw.be/2007/09/09/build-your-own-netstatexe-with-c –  rakeshdn Feb 9 at 22:03

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