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I can't fix this issue,

I have problem when i use

animate() in Chrome Browser

$( "#slidesAk .ak:visible" ).animate({
    right: "hide",
    opacity: 0.1
}, 500 );

for this right:"hide"

It works well in Firefox but not in Chrome


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never seen that "hide" on the right property before o_0 link ? –  john Smith Feb 9 at 21:55
link (easing function) –  jmercier Feb 9 at 21:57
i saw, not easing but 3 special strings cool! i guess you need a selector selecting not:animated and maybe a .stop(true,false) before anim, looks working in chrome unless you click faster than anim duration –  john Smith Feb 9 at 22:22
can you explain in awnser plz ? –  jmercier Feb 9 at 22:24

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