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I'm having a problem refreshing Breeze metadata (regardless of browser type). Even though I clear each browser's cache, I can't see the changes I make to my entity classes on the backend. Here's an example:

I have a base class, let's call it BaseClass, and it has a string property, say Property1. I am declaring BaseClass as a public class with a [Key] annotation on its ID field. For purposes of this discussion, we will assume BaseClass has only those two fields.

I have a derived class, let's call it DerivedClass, and it is also declared as a public class inheriting from BaseClass (DerivedClass : BaseClass).

In one of my methods in a given Breeze controller, the method sets an instance of DerivedClass' Property1 to a particular value and the code executes without problem and returns an entity, generating no errors inside the Breeze controller method call in the process (again, this is the BaseClass.Property1 field being set, inside the DerivedClass instance object).

When I set a breakpoint in Chrome and attempt to look at the methods of the data.results[0] object being returned (to make sure Property1 exists), Property1 is NOT listed as one of the exposed methods. All the properties of DerivedClass are exposed as methods, but not Property1.

Furthermore, if I create another partial class named DerivedClass within the same namespace and create a property named property1 (as opposed to Property1), and even though in my Breeze Controller I set both the DerivedClass instance's property1 and Property1 values to something, neither of these properties show up as methods when the breakpoint is hit inside my viewmodel.js file, inside the '.then' call, once the data has been returned successfully from the server. I continue to see all the methods associated with the DefaultClass entity, except for property1 and Property1.

Finally, if I add a field to my DerivedClass (field named Property2), and set its value to the same value being set for property1 and Property1, when the breakpoint is hit in Chrome, Property2 is not visible either.

I have flushed the cache on the browser, stopped and restarted IISExpress (this is running on a local host), renamed the files Breeze.WebApi.dll and Breeze.WebApi.EF to make sure they are rebuilt (which they are), but I still don't see the changes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I didn't read your entire post but this doesn't sound like a client-side Breeze issue nor a cache issue. If you are using metadata from EF then there-in lies the issue - something isn't getting compiled properly or something. Every time you load your app you should either be refreshing your metadata or if you are hand-coding it you need to update it there. –  PW Kad Feb 10 '14 at 5:12
Did you build your project? –  Sarcastic Feb 10 '14 at 7:09

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