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hi i want to pass a bean as parameter composite component, then i will call its function as an action.

<cc:attribute required="true"   name="daobean" />

<ui:param name="daobeann" value="#{cc.attrs.daobean}" />
<p:commandButton action="#{daobeann.update}" />

and i use the component as

 <util:mycomponent daobean="mybean" />

but i get mybean.update() not found.

How can i call update method ?

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ui:param is for templating purposes. You don't need it here.

Just use correct composite interface and implementation

        <cc:attribute required="true" name="daobean" />

     <p:commandButton action="#{cc.attributes.daobean.update}" />

Then reference it from parent page like

<util:mycomponent daobean="#{mybean}" />

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