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Having trouble in views creating what seems like a very simple query. Display the number (count) of nodes of a given type. I'm not finding the option in any obvious place...

How to?

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Did you want to show like: "Node type", "Count of nodes of this type" columns? – Nikit Jan 30 '10 at 2:46
yes. I'm seeing a way to do it now, though display is not great, using args > node-type > summary – Michael D Jan 30 '10 at 3:08
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You want the Views Group By module. Some more details about this module (from its project page):

This module enriches Views2 functionality with SQL Grouping and Aggregation capabilities.

Ever wanted to design a view that displays top terms for a specific node type and number of nodes for each top term? You could not build such query before, but now you can.

A new field group: SQL Aggregation is added, in Views, once you install the module. The field group has one available field: SQL Aggregation: Group By Fields. The field allows to configure many aspects of "group by" SQL clause and "count()" fields.

Currently only SQL COUNT() function is available due to a limitation in Views2 API. We are working on a Views2 patch to overcome the limitation. Patch will be submitted to Views2 project and, hopefully, applied shortly thereafter.

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Maybe instead of views it is better to use light custom SQL-query, something like this

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