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I'm trying to launch a OSGI framework stack in debug mode in eclipse, and i wonder if there's a common way of doing it.

First of all, i know i must configure Eclipse Plugin Development -> Target Platform for it to find my bundles and be able to develop easily with PDE. Let say i want to try my application on a Geronimo stack, i'll have to create a new Target Platform by hand, and manually add every bundle geronimo uses, and they are each in a separate folder... Same thing for Karaf, ServiceMix, Knopflerfish or any other stack i wanna try out. Is there another way of creating that Target Platform?

Then, in the OSGi Framework launch configuration, whatever how is your Target Platform configured, by default the framework is Equinox and the only way i've found to change this is to install some eclipse plugins.

I've found that Karaf provides EIK plugin which adds the Karaf framework. It hasn't been update for a long time, and i'm not even sure it supports Kepler...

There's also Pax-Runner-Eclipse-Ui, which is no longer updated too. If you use the last available version of this plugin, you'll find that it provides a limited set of configurations, which includes several versions of Equinox, Felix and Concierge. AFAIK, these settings are directly packaged in the plugin, and there's no way to add a custom one (like a Karaf configuration, for example). And anyway, that plugin is helpful for running your bundles in differents frameworks, but the bundles used at runtime won't automatically appear in your Target Platform so you can develop against that particular framework.

How do peoples usually work?? I'm trying to get things working for months, but i can't find a way to easily try some stacks in development mode.

Some single bundles are easy to make working (service discovery, blueprint injection...), but having a complete stack with JSF, JPA and Transaction support is not a trivial thing to do, even after reading OSGi in Action, and Enterprise OSGi in Action.

Did i miss something?

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Why are you using PDE? –  Neil Bartlett Feb 10 at 8:10
In fact, i don't have a real project to work on, i'm just exploring the possibilities being offered by OSGi.I'm using PDE to debug my bundles so i can follow service injection, class versions and so on. Since you're asking, i guess you have something else to propose than PDE? I'm not tied to it. –  JSlain Feb 10 at 12:57
Naturally I would suggest Bndtools which will make your life much, much easier. In relation to your question for example, you would be able to configure multiple Repositories, in a much more flexible way than permitted by PDE's Target Platform concept. –  Neil Bartlett Feb 10 at 16:59
Great! I'll try that tonight. Maybe you could make this comment an answer so you'ld get points. –  JSlain Feb 10 at 17:16
Just in case you want to debug Karaf, do use remote debugging for this. –  Achim Nierbeck Feb 10 at 19:58
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