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The documentation is not quite clear on this, or I may not be understanding how to implement this in the HTML, but how do you handle a template in tempojs that has an empty list/array of items coming from JSON output? Is there a template directive that can be used to display something when the data list is empty (i.e. like the else empty in normal conditional code)?

Here's an example:


$(function() {
    /*var data = [
        {id:'1',name:'Test One',coordinates:'12.0012,-122.92'}
    var data = [];


<tbody id="userLocs">
    <tr data-template>
        <td><a href="#" data-id="{{id}}" class="delLocation">Delete</a></td>
    <tr data-template-fallback>
        <td colspan="3">Javascript is not available.</td>
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