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I am working in Wordpress for the first time on a proper, large-scale project to increase usability office-wide. I work for an unnamed enterprise-level company with an office of ~400. Each department has old, terribly ran MediaWiki pages for department-related tasks. I am rusty, but have HTML and CSS experience but very very little PHP and absolutely no Java and jQuery knowledge. I have a feel this is a jQuery thing and am alright with learning, just have no idea where to find the answer This is a complete overhaul, layout and structure for this office's wiki and is planned to be a much more widely used resource over the next quarter.

Point being, many people are going to be confused by the redesign and I wanted to have an overlay that displays navigation and a simple welcome to this new wiki only on the first visit. This website is only locally hosted and I would like this to be based off of workstation/IP address. This idea came from many apps from smartphones, when a layer appears showing controls for games, etc. on the first open.

I've tried looking through Wordpress plugins but haven't seemed to find anything that is what I'm looking for. Any help would be much appreciated!

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The Modal Dialog plugin sounds like it provides what you are looking for.

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