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ArrayList<String> styleValue = new ArrayList<String>();
String result;
Clipboard clipboard = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getSystemClipboard();
Transferable contents = clipboard.getContents(null);
DataFlavor dfRTF = new DataFlavor("text/rtf", "Rich Formatted Text");
DataFlavor dfTxt = DataFlavor.stringFlavor;
boolean hasTransferableRTFText = (contents != null)
                && contents.isDataFlavorSupported(dfRTF);
boolean hasTransferableTxtText = (contents != null)
                && contents.isDataFlavorSupported(dfTxt);
if (hasTransferableRTFText) {
try {
result = rtfToHtml(new StringReader(streamToString((InputStream) contents.getTransferData(dfRTF))));
} catch (Exception ex) {


public static String rtfToHtml(Reader rtf) throws IOException { 
        JEditorPane p = new JEditorPane();
        EditorKit kitRtf = p.getEditorKitForContentType("text/rtf");
        try {
            kitRtf.read(rtf, p.getDocument(), 0);
            kitRtf = null;
            EditorKit kitHtml = p.getEditorKitForContentType("text/html");
            Writer writer = new StringWriter();
            kitHtml.write(writer, p.getDocument(), 0, p.getDocument().getLength());
            return writer.toString();
        } catch (BadLocationException e) {
        return null;

Above code used to retrieve clipboard value with the font information as well. Its working fine for PDF, but when I test with Libre or NeoOffice, it shows null value as below. Please advice.
PDF enter image description here

Libre or NeoOffice enter image description here

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