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I can install my app written for myself through XCode smoothly. However, I can not install an app, a ipa file, given from my friend through Xcode => Window => Organizer => My iPhone => Applications => Add .

There is a error message named "a valid provisioning file for this executable was not found." enter image description here

Does any know why I can only install an app written for myself, but cannot install an ipa file from third parties?

How can I do to install an ipa file? Do I need to request something else from my friend? He told me he can install that ipa file from his device correctly.

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I read that thread. Does it mean I can generate the provisioning file for myself? Or I should request the provisioning file from my friend? Thanks for your comment. BTW, I have my own provisioning file when writing my own app, and it works correctly. –  Wen Hsiao Feb 10 at 3:41
You need an ipa file with a valid provision profile. The updated provisioning profile should include your device. Your friend can do this, assuming he knows your device's UDID. –  Marco Feb 10 at 3:46
People must not have paid attention when duping this question. The question is about installing a compiled app from another developer, not building and installing your own app from source. –  BergQuester Feb 10 at 12:52
Regarding the duplicate question assigned above, that's different scenario. I cannot create a new provisioning profile by myself to fit the provision embedded in my friend's ipa. The only way to solve this issue is asking help from my friend. –  Wen Hsiao Feb 14 at 2:14

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You do not install your friend's IPA file through Xcode.

Third party development IPA files are supposed to be installed via iTunes or through a web service such as TestFlight.

Your friend must ensure that he has signed the app himself and has used an ad-hoc provisioning profile with your device's UDID included.

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I gave my UDID to my friend, and he sent me a new ipa file and a provisioning profile. Now, I can install this app with the new ipa. Many thanks for your help. –  Wen Hsiao Feb 14 at 2:09

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