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current i am using Leaflet.js in my mobile application to display a custom map image(without web interaction / offline). and so far thanks to old posted question and other helping materials on web. i have created one part of the application that is i am able to load my custom map images but the problem is

i am unable to find how to bind specific southWest and northEast ( lat/long ) coordinates on my custom map image in Leaflet.js ? is it possible ?

if i don't bind southWest and northEast coordinates than i would not be able to place marker on the exact location of the user on the map.

i am using following code to load my image tiles on the page

map = L.map('map-canvas').setView([0, 0], 4);
        L.tileLayer('img/{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg', {
            minZoom: 4,
            maxZoom: 4,
            tms: true


and my folder and files are like

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