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I'm new to iOS development, and downloaded a sample project to play with.

The project itself required a the GMGridView library which was NOT included with the download.

So i downloaded the library separately, added the reference ".xcodeproj" to it and crossed my finger and prayed that it'll work.

Obviously it didn't, that's why i'm here.

The error i keep getting is this GMGridView/GMGridView.h file not found.

The file header IS there,

Things that I tried before screaming for help:

  • added "GMGridView.xcodeproj" in "BuildPhase" -> "Target Dependencies" of Z-way project.
  • ensured the Search Path has GMGridView, i set it to recursive, as well as tried both relative and absolute path. no luck.

What else could be the reason, I'm totally stumped?

File Structure

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Another possible cause:

Make sure you don't have a duplicated header (that is hidden somewhere in the folder) that has a wrong path(missing to xcode).

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What about under Build Phases -> Link Binary with Libraries -> + ??? try to see if you can find it there..

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It just have the default ones (i believe they are default at least, coreData.framework/QuartzCore/UIKit/Foundation/CoreGrahpics... It doesn't have any reference to the subproject though... should there be? –  Kev84 Feb 10 at 6:14

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