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How to draw my drawable Image on the canvas? I am getting my image from the Resource and draw that image on the canvas. Is that Possible we can declare multiple canvas and set all in to one ? I have already image on the canvas and want to draw a drawable image on that?

private Bitmap drawtextonimage(Bitmap bitmap, String text, String caption) {
    caption = caption.replace("\n", " ");

Declaring Canvas and Paint ?

    Canvas cs = new Canvas(bitmap);
    Paint tPaint = new Paint();
    Paint captionPaint = new Paint();

    if (text.equals("Good")) {
    } else {



    captionPaint.setTextScaleX((float) 0.7);
    captionPaint.setShadowLayer(1f, 0, 1f, Color.WHITE);

    /*Canvas cs1 = new Canvas(bitmap);

        cs1.drawRect(0, bitmap.getHeight(), bitmap.getWidth(), 500, tPaint);

       // canvas.drawRect(33, 33, 77, 60, paint );
        Paint zPaint = new Paint();
         cs1.drawARGB((int) 0.5,54,54,200);*/ 

//         cs.drawText(text, 60, 60, tPaint);

This Method get my drawable image and draw on canvas but it is not working?

     Resources res = getResources();
     Bitmap bitmapx = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(res, R.drawable.overlay_good_full);
     Bitmap bitmapxx = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(res, R.drawable.overlay_bad_full);

        cs.drawBitmap(bitmapx, 0, 0, new Paint());
        //cs.drawBitmap(bitmapx, 0, 0, tPaint);

         // cs.drawBitmap(bitmapxx, 0, 0, tPaint);


    cs.drawText(caption, (bitmap.getWidth() / 2), bitmap.getHeight()
            , captionPaint);

//  canvas.drawBitmap(image, 0, 0, null);

//  Log.i("Caption", caption);
    return bitmap;

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What do you mean by not working? do you get any exception?And if it doesn't work first you need to check your text.equals("Good") condition whether it works or not. –  ridoy Feb 10 at 6:29
TRY cs.setBitMap(bitmapx); instead... –  Jigar Pandya Feb 10 at 6:29
No it is not showing that drawable image. –  Arslan Ahmad Feb 10 at 6:29
try to set width and height of image in drawBitmap method –  Jigar Pandya Feb 10 at 7:05
you need to set some valid value instead of your 0, 0 inside drawBitmap(). –  ridoy Feb 10 at 7:17

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