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i have .sql file dump that have increment id 1 - 1001 I want to replace the number to be null.

This is some .sql content :

INSERT INTO `complaint` (`Id`, `complaint_name`) VALUES(2, 'test');
INSERT INTO `complaint` (`Id`, `complaint_name`) VALUES(3, 'BATUK DARAH');
INSERT INTO `complaint` (`Id`, `complaint_name`) VALUES(4, 'SESAK NAFAS');
INSERT INTO `complaint` (`Id`, `complaint_name`) VALUES(5, 'mual dan muntah');
INSERT INTO `complaint` (`Id`, `complaint_name`) VALUES(6, 'muntah darah');
INSERT INTO `complaint` (`Id`, `complaint_name`) VALUES(7, 'batuk rejan');
INSERT INTO `complaint` (`Id`, `complaint_name`) VALUES(1001, 'Lorem ipsum');

How to replace automatically using notepad++ ?


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Your requirements are not completely clear, but with this answer you should be able to handle your task.

Search for e.g.


and replace with


results in

INSERT INTO complaint (Id, complaint_name) VALUES(, 'test');

make sure to check the search mode "Regular Expression".

\d+ is matching a sequence of at least one digits.

If you want to also remove the comma, just add it and the following whitespace to the search term VALUES\(\d+,\s*.

would result in

INSERT INTO complaint (Id, complaint_name) VALUES('SESAK NAFAS');

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Okay it help me now :D thank you very much! –  fanjavaid Feb 10 at 9:57

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