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I'm working on a web service which requires a new GUID() passed as a reference to a method within the service.

I am not familiar with C# or the GUID() object, but require something similar for PHP (so create a new object which from my understanding returns an empty/blank GUID).

Any ideas?

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(Note: Guid.NewGuid in .NET generates a UUIDv4.) – user2864740 Feb 10 '14 at 7:23
@YUNOWORK Usually better to link the non-localized ref. – user2864740 Feb 10 '14 at 7:24
Aaaah crap ... i just googled and copied the link, but i automatically get the german page, sry. – Y U NO WORK Feb 10 '14 at 7:26
check… – Damith Feb 10 '14 at 7:27
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You can try the following:

function GUID()
    if (function_exists('com_create_guid') === true)
        return trim(com_create_guid(), '{}');

    return sprintf('%04X%04X-%04X-%04X-%04X-%04X%04X%04X', mt_rand(0, 65535), mt_rand(0, 65535), mt_rand(0, 65535), mt_rand(16384, 20479), mt_rand(32768, 49151), mt_rand(0, 65535), mt_rand(0, 65535), mt_rand(0, 65535));

Source - com_create_guid

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According to Is there any difference between a GUID and a UUID?

GUID is Microsoft's implementation of the UUID standard.

So, here's a link to libraries, that let's you create UUIDs of the following types:

  • version 1 (time-based)
  • version 3 (name-based and hashed with MD5)
  • version 4 (random)
  • version 5 (name-based and hashed with SHA1)

I don't know exactly, which one C# is using, but that's at least something you can use if you're writing some piece of software and want to have universal unique identifiers.

My perfered choice was because it is just a simple PHP file and the most rated one ( had to much dependencies on other libraries, but his may change soon (see

But if you really need a GUID (according to the Microsoft standard), they have a different generation process than these 4122. Wikipedia claims that

GUIDs and RFC 4122 UUIDs should be identical when displayed textually

In most cases, you should be fine by going for one of the PHP libs for UUIDs. I don't think you're meddling with Microsoft Component Object Model (COM), don't you?

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Hi Simon, thank you for your answer. I can confirm that the soap method call requires a reference to a new Guid() from ASP. The service will then verify credentials and then create a new GUID (I think the method is called new_guid() within the Guid() object which is then captured on both ends. With this said I am not sure how to approach this as (and I might be wrong) even if I recreate the Guid() object and send it along as a reference (possibly through tostring) their service would not be able to work with the PHP object (they use sharepoint). Any ideas? – Mauritz Swanepoel Feb 10 '14 at 15:45

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