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I am trying to implement alert() in java script while using apigee's JavaScript policy.

Below is my javascript policy:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<Javascript async="false" continueOnError="false" enabled="true" 
          timeLimit="200" name="javascript-1">

javascript-1 file:


However I am getting the below error.

Error Code:

{"fault":"{\"detail\":{\"errorcode\":\"steps.javascript.ScriptExecutionFailed\"},\"faultstring\":\"Execution of javascript-1 failed with error: Javascript runtime error: \\"ReferenceError: \\"alert\\" is not defined. (javascript_1#59). at line 59 \\"\"}"}

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The JavaScript alert function is not available in Apigee's Edge JavaScript policy. alert() is a user-interface function that creates a message box. There is no user interface in an API facade, and alert is not supported when using the trace tool.

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If you are trying to debug your script, there is another way. You can assign any variable or literal to a flow variable using context.setVariable("debugVar", "Hello there"); That way the value will shown on Debug view of Apigee and help you debug. You can later on clean it up.

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Another, not well-known, function you can call is print, as in:

print("Hello from my script");

All output from print calls will be logged when you are Tracing an API call. When in the Trace tool, you will see this output under "Standard Output".

It's a great debugging tool.

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Another way that you can aproach is use console.log(message) in your javascript code which will output the 'message' to the console output in the developer tools in Chrome or Firefox.

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