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In our application, we are painting navigation component using JavaScript/jQuery and because of authorization, this involves complex logic.

Navigation component is required on almost all authenticated pages, hence whenever user navigates from one page to another, the complex logic is repeated on every page.

I am sure that under particular conditions the results of such complex calculations will not change for a certain period, hence I feel recalculation is unnecessary under those conditions.

So I want to store/cache the results at browser/client side. One of the solution I feel would be creating a cookie with the results.

I need suggestions if it is a good approach. If not, what else can I do here?

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If you can rely on modern browsers HTML 5 web strorage options are a good bet.

http://www.html5rocks.com/en/features/storage Quote from above

There are several reasons to use client-side storage. First, you can make your app work when the user is offline, possibly sync'ing data back once the network is connected again. Second, it's a performance booster; you can show a large corpus of data as soon as the user clicks on to your site, instead of waiting for it to download again. Third, it's an easier programming model, with no server infrastructure required. Of course, the data is more vulnerable and the user can't access it from multiple clients, so you should only use it for non-critical data, in particular cached versions of data that's also "in the cloud". See "Offline": What does it mean and why should I care? for a general discussion of offline technologies, of which client-side storage is one component.

  // this will store and retrieve key / value for the browser session
  sessionStorage.setItem('your_key', 'your_value');

  // this will store and retrieve key / value permanently for the domain
  localStorage.setItem('your_key', 'your_value');
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Better you can try HTML 5 Local Storage or Web SQL, you can have more options in it.Web SQL support is very less when compared to Local Storage. Have a look on this http://diveintohtml5.info/storage.html

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