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I'd like to generate some font-effects using convert but don't see an easy way to calculate a canvas size. The method I have now is to generate the text as desired, such as convert label:ABCDEF then load the resulting image to get its size. This seems highly inefficient and troublesome.

Is there a command option or method to simply calculate the metrics of the resulting text?

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the best solution I actually see is:

convert -verbose label:ABCDEF png:- >/dev/null

which results in the following message on stderr:

label:ABCDEF=>ABCDEF LABEL 53x15 53x15+0+0 16-bit DirectClass 0.020u 0:00.010

The requested size is in column 3: 53x15

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There is a way to get the text metrics a bit more directly, though leu's size option is also good. Using the -debug annotate option you can then search for the Metrics: output which includes the text size.

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