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I downloaded IntelliJ Idea 9.0 community version and now I want to create a GWT application in it, but I am not getting that GWT option while creating the project.

I also saw some video on google but still not get solutions.

Do we have to add a plugin for IntelliJ Idea for GWT as we are doing it for Eclipse or what is the proper way?

Please reply me as soon as possible.

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I would bet that IntelliJ 9 can support GWT right out of the box (it should include the GWT plugin), but you'll have to turn it on. I'm using IntelliJ 8 still, but you can probably go to the File menu --> Configure plugins, and then look for it under JavaEE/Web plugins.

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IntelliJ 8 includes the GWT plugin, but I'm not sure if it's turned on or not by default. –  Jon Feb 2 '10 at 23:22

I have been building gwt apps with the 9.0 community edition using the following build a configuration too run dev mode:

main-class: com.google.gwt.dev.DevMode
vm-params: -Xmx256M
program-params: -war \path\to\my\war -startupUrl index.html com.my.module.EntryFile

where your module descriptor is com/my/module/EntryFile.gwt.xml

Also make sure that have your java client source on run configuration's classpath along with gwt-user.jar, gwt-servlet.jar and gwt-dev.jar. Your source path is needed so devMode will pick up changes to your java code when rendering your application. It takes a little more work to set up a gwt project with idea9CE, but the price is right. I started by using webappCreator utility to initialize a project and then built my idea module around that.

If you are looking for a turn key solution, I think you will have to get the enterprise version, or use eclipse.

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You use an absolute path to the war - did you find a way to use a relative path, or an environment / IntelliJ variable? –  Kieveli Dec 9 '10 at 19:19
I had to add -Dgwt.home=/path/to/gwt to my Run/Debug for Intellij to use my GWT library. –  rxgx Mar 1 '11 at 19:35

In version 10, there's a File > New Module... wizard where:

  1. You add a module to your project using Create module from scratch
  2. Enter a name and select type Java Module
  3. Create the source directory (./src)
  4. Check Google Web Toolkit and browse to your SDK to load the GWT libraries and facets.

One good thing about the wizard is that Create sample application is unchecked by default.

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