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i have two diff array and i want to print these array based on equal condition...

first array

     Array ( 
            [0] => fname 
            [1] => lname 
            [2] => email  

second array

   Array ( 
           [fname] => john 
           [lname] => notdefined 
           [email] => 
           [address] => london 

now my problem is i want to print values from second array if and only if this array's index match with first array values...

second array's index == first array's value (i can say this is equality condition for better understanding)

in this case my output should be

   Array (
           [fname] => john
           [lname] => notdefined
           [email] =>

it should not display address because in first array is not present...

Sorry ! i don't know how to explain this thing exactly...

here this is just sample code but in real i have very big array with some additional info also (Please keep in mind this)...

Thanks in advance

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Flip your first array with array_flip and then make use of array_intersect_key on the two arrays. – Shankar Damodaran Feb 10 '14 at 9:37
@ShankarDamodaran your suggestion worked like charm bro... thanks a lot – Kalpit Feb 10 '14 at 9:49
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There are plenty of ways, one of them is:

foreach($secArr as $key => $val)
     if(in_array($key, $firstArr))
         echo $val;


$keys = array_flip($firstArr);
$arr = array_intersect_key($secArr, $keys);
//display $arr;


foreach($firstArr as $key)
         echo $secArr[$key];

Use your imagination, SO is not the place that gives you ready code, show us what you have tried and we will help to make it work.

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worked like charm with foreach ways.. need to test array_flip – Kalpit Feb 10 '14 at 9:45

Swap first array key and value using array_flip function and Computes the intersection of arrays using keys for comparison using array_intersect_key.

$array1 = array(0 => fname,1 => lname ,2 => email);
$array1 = array_flip($array1);
$array2 = array( 
       fname => 'john', 
       lname => 'notdefined', 
       email => '', 
       address => 'london' 

$new = array_intersect_key($array2,$array1);

working demo

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