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I'm trying to add an NSStatusItem from within the Monobjc bridge for Mono. The function gets called, and doesn't throw an exception, but my icon doesn't appear :(.

Here 's my code:

#define DEBUG_APP
using System;
using Monobjc.Cocoa;
using Monobjc;
namespace YvanSoftware.TwitMenu
 public class TwitMenuController : NSObject

  NSStatusItem _statusItem;

  public void AwakeFromNib() 
   try {
    if (_statusItem == null) {
     NSMenu menu = new NSMenu("");
     _statusItem = NSStatusBar.SystemStatusBar.StatusItemWithLength(32f);
     _statusItem.Image = NSImage.ImageNamed("twitter.png");
     NSMenuItem menuItem = new NSMenuItem("Send tweet!",new IntPtr(),"");
     menuItem.ActionEvent += new ActionEventHandler(showTweetWindow);
     _statusItem.Menu = menu;
     DebugPrint("Status item added??");
   } catch (Exception ex) {

  public TwitMenuController(IntPtr i)  : base(i) {}

  public TwitMenuController() {} 

  public void showTweetWindow(Id sender) {
   Console.WriteLine("Not implemented. (0x01)");

  public void showAbout() {
   Console.WriteLine("Not implemented (0x02)"); 

  void DebugPrint(string s) {
   Console.WriteLine("*** DEBUG: " + s + " ***");

Thanks in advance,


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You have to retain the _statusItem variable right after its creation:

_statusItem = NSStatusBar.SystemStatusBar.StatusItemWithLength(32f);
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